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Yes! I endorse Water Priorities Initiative!

“I strongly support stripping funding from High-Speed Rail and using any unspent money to build water storage and groundwater recharge programs for our already struggling communities. Giving the people of California the right to choose priorities takes the decision out of the hands of the governor and reverses course on what, up until now, has been a slow-moving but extremely costly train.”
Senator Andy Vidak, R-Hanford
“The water shortage our state has experienced is a direct result of misguided government priorities. This measure puts the critical water needs of the people of California first and allows us to construct the water systems we desperately need.”
Congressman Jeff Denham, (CA-10)
“Without drastic reform of water policy, Californians should expect ever-more water regulations, rationing, and shortages, as well as economic dislocations and plummeting food production. It is absolutely clear that state spending should prioritize solving the water crisis, not building a needless train system that grows more problematic and unpopular every day, and whose final cost will vastly exceed the spending that California voters approved.”
Congressman Devin Nunes, (CA-22)
“The water needs of people should be prioritized above all else. While this is obvious to most Californians, bureaucrats in Sacramento fail to grasp this concept. Passage of this initiative will give spending decisions to an elected board accountable to the people, instead of political appointees.”
Congressman David G. Valadao, (CA-21)


Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10)

Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22)

Congressman David G. Valadao (CA-21)

California State Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford)

Kings County Farm Bureau, Hanford

Tulare Chamber of Commerce, Tulare

Boyette Farms, Corcoran

Gilkey ‘5’, Corcoran

Dow AgroSciences, Tulare

Central Valley Tea Party

Christianna Enterprises, Inc., Fresno

4B’s Spraying Inc, Coalinga

Stockton Pipe & Supply, Stockton

Kern Pipe & Supply, Bakersfield

Fresno Pipe & Supply Inc., Fresno

The CA Water For Food and People Movement

Accurate Performance Machining, Santa Ana

Bayer Vegetable Seeds, Stockton

Bayer CropScience, Bakersfield

Pearson Realty, Fresno

Crop Production Services, Five Points

Double K Industries

Southern California Realty Associates

River Roots Ranch, Laton

MC Solutions, Kingsburg

Crawford Insurance Group, Inc., Fresno

Ranch Management LLC, Fresno

Coast Funding Group, Inc., Yorba Linda

Gar Tootelian Inc., Reedley

Logan’s Healthy Home, Pasadena

A-Bar Ag Enterprises, Firebaugh

Community Church of Norco, Norco

Profectus Management Group, Inc., Alamo

Tri-T Farms, Visalia

Guy G. Giacopuzzi DDS, Lake Arrowhead

Nickel Family LLC, Bakersfield

P&R Ranches, Chico

Kirk Organic Ranch, Exeter

Woods Transplant Service, Gustine

Vessey & Company, Inc., Holtville

Ag Seeds Unlimited, Riverdale

NKT Commercial, San Luis Obispo